Vacaville Automotive Services

Air Conditioning Service

Complete A/C work available. 134A and R12 freon. Recovery system is available to recover your existing freon. Compressors, accumulators, orifice tubes, belts. >>


Check amp and voltage reading. Replace unit if necessary. >>

Batteries (AC Delco & Interstate)

Check cold cranking ampage and check voltage readings. Clean terminal ends. Replace terminal ends or battery, if needed. Diagnostics. >>


Repair includes replacing pads/shoes, turning rotors/drums, packing bearings where applicable, and bleed brakes. Test drive vehicle. >>

Check Engine Light

Your Check Engine light is the computer’s way of telling you that there may be a problem and your car needs service as soon as possible. >>

Complete Engine & Transmission Repair

12,000 mile/12 month warranty. Call for complete details on your vehicle. To insure the integrity of the work, we do all repairs and installation in house.

Computerized Diagnostics

Using up-to-date equipment, we take the guess work out of engine repairs, therefore we save you time and money on your repairs.


Checking starting & charging systems, troubleshooting electrical shorts. >>

Fleet Services

We provide a wide variety of services and maintenance for truck fleet companies. >>

Mufflers & Exhaust

Maintaining your muffler and exhaust system not only helps to minimize engine noise, it also helps reduce harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. >>

Lights & Wipers

The lighting and wiper systems in your auto play an important part in enabling you to operate your vehicle safely. >>

Oil & Lube

Remove filter & drain oil, replace with new oil filter & oil, check all fluid levels. Check all belts, hoses, and tire pressure. Put reminder sticker on vehicle for next oil change. >>


Check if the starter is drawing the proper amount of current. >>


Test drive to check running. Remove and replace spark plugs & spark plug wires (when needed), check ignition and timing. Check fuel filter and air filter, replace if necessary. Scope engine. >>